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Direct Part Marking (DPM) Scanners & Terminals

Direct Part Marking (DPM) is a technology used to produce two different surface conditions on an item. These markings can be created by laser etching, molding, peening, etc. Direct part marking (DPM) is a process to permanently mark parts with product information including serial numbers, part numbers, date codes, and barcodes. This is done to allow the tracking of parts through the full life cycle. DPM is often used by automotive, aerospace, and electronic manufacturers to facilitate a reliable identification of their parts. This can assist in data logging for safety, warranty issues and satisfy regulatory requirements. The preferred codes are the Data Matrix and the QR Code.

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We offer Coxnex, Zebra, Code, Datalogic scanners and terminals.

DPM scanners

  Code Reader™ 6000 Code Reader™ 3600 DPM
DataMan 100/200X DataMan 300/302/303X
DataMan 8600/8050X  Motorola / Zebra DS457
Motorola / Zebra DS3508 Motorola / Zebra DS3578
Motorola / Zebra DS6707  

DPM terminals

Motorola / Zebra MC9200 Motorola / Zebra MC9100
Motorola / Zebra MC3190 Motorola / Zebra MT2090
Motorola / Zebra MC55 DataMan 9500