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Barcode labels are used in various industries and in a variety of applications:

  • Barcode labels control the flow of goods 
  • Barcode labels automate the warehouse and optimize processes
  • Barcode labels enable track and trace
  • etc.

For each application the right label and ribbon

SC-SCAN Kft delivers the perfect label for your application. We carry different types of labels such as paper, polyethylene and polyester with the right glue for the right grip.

Important for a high quality label and the durability of it is as well the right ribbon for your thermal transfer printer. To complement our labels we provide carbon ribbons in different quality such as resin, wax or wax/resin.

Call one of our experts for a free consultation on choosing the right lebel and ribbon. 

Barcode Labels & Tags

Barcode labels & tags are used in various industries and in a variety of applications, such as control the flow of goods, automate the warehouse and optimize processes, enable track and trace etc. For each application use the right label or tag and the right ribbon.

Blank Labels & Tags

SC-SCAN Kft.  is ready to meet your labeling & tagging needs with a full range of stock blank labels & tags for your barcode printer as well as completely pre-printed labels & tags. With options for a variety of sizes, colors, and material types, we have the perfect match for any application, inside or outside the four walls. Whether you’re making shipping labels, company asset tags, or safety compliance stickers we’ll get you the right labels & tags. Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Paper, Vinyl & More

Pre-printed Barcode Labels & Tags

SC-SCAN Kft.  is ready to meet your labeling & tagging needs with a wide variety of pre-printed labels & tags for any application. We carry pre-printed labels & tags for applications including sequentially numbered barcoded labels, shipping or delivery labels, inventory and asset tags, and safety compliance stickers, or whatever you want for indoor or outdoor usage. These labels are available in a number of styles including different colors, sizes, shapes, material, and adhesives.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Wax, resin and wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons are compatible with your thermal transfer printer. All popular sizes of thermal transfer ribbon are ready for immediate delivery, hundreds of others available by special order. We offer thermal ribbons suitable for all common barcode printers (Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Tec, Intermec, Avery, CAB, Argon, Domino, Markem-Imaje, etc).

Important for a high quality label and the durability of it is as well the right ribbon for your thermal transfer printer. To complement our labels we provide carbon ribbons in different quality such as resin, wax or wax/resin.

Selecting the proper media

To select the proper media for the given application can be confusing, due to the number of variety of materials, adhesives, and size options. While a paper label may work perfectly for a standard product label, it would perform poorly in an application where you are attempting to tag an asset such as a vehicle. A more rugged plastic label would be more suitable for such an application. Moreover, sometimes labels might not be the right choice for your solution, as in the case of tracking patients with wristbands or so.

With the wide range of media types and materials available, it can be a challenge to decide on the best fit for your application. The first step in finding the right media is to identify your specific need(s):

  • What are you tracking with barcodes? Products, people, equipment?
  • How long will the label/tag/wristband be used?
  • What kind of environment will the media be exposed to?
  • What type of surface will the media attach to?

Knowing how you’ll be using barcode media will help you decide what type, material, and other features you’ll need. The following sections will help you understand the media buying process and determine the best media for your needs.

Media Types

The first step in choosing the right media is determining the correct form factor. While most applications will probably use an adhesive label, there are other media types that may be a better fit.


When we refer to “labels” we are talking about the standard adhesive sticker-type media. All labels will have some kind of adhesive on them and are meant to apply directly to the asset. Labels are by far the most commonly used barcode media due to the simplicity to design and print, and the ease to which they are attached to the asset. Labels also come in wide range of sizes and adhesive types to fit onto almost anything in any environment.


The main difference between a tag and a label is the tag’s lack of any adhesive. Tags are also made of thicker stock than a label. One of the most common uses of tags is the clothing hang-tag. In any application where a smooth surface doesn’t exist, you can use other means like string or staples to attach a tag. Likewise, applications where you need to remove the barcode from an item without leaving adhesive residue will benefit from using a tag.

Material Type

Once you determine the type of media and the print method being used, the next step is to decide on the material to be used. There are 3 main types of materials that a label, tag, or wristband can be made of and each is best suited for different environments. Each material will use different ribbons (ink) as well when using thermal transfer printing. Making sure you use the right ribbon for the material type ensures you get the clearest and longest lasting print.

Paper: Wax Ribbon

Paper is the most commonly used material due to its low cost and ease of use. Most applications will be well served by paper-based media unless you are in a rugged or high moisture environment. Paper labels will tear and can get damaged but still can be an efficient option for product, shipping, or any other indoor use applications. When using thermal transfer paper media you will need to use a wax ribbon.

Polypropylene: Wax/Resin Ribbon

Polypropylene is a plastic material that is the perfect solution for applications that require a more rugged material, while not being exposed to the outdoors or coming into contact with aggressive chemicals. Polypropylene is water resistant and will not tear. It is a great fit for asset labels since it will easily last the life of the item and is only a little more costly than paper. When using thermal transfer polypropylene media you will need to use a wax/resin ribbon.

Polyester: Resin Ribbon

Polyester is the most rugged of materials you can use and due to its much higher cost, is best for very extreme environments. Applications involving outdoor use, harsh conditions, or involve exposure to chemicals, will be best served by polyester. Polyester is about 5-6 times more costly than paper so it really should only be used when polypropylene or paper will not hold up. Vehicle tagging and chemical barrel labeling are examples when you would really need the durability of polyester. Polyester is very rarely available with a direct thermal option. When using thermal transfer polyester media you will need to use a full resin ribbon.

With all the options available for barcode media today, it can be a challenge to find the right device for your business. Determining the type, required longevity, and use environment will make deciding on a specific media easier. One thing to keep in mind is that each printer will have different rolls sizes it can accommodate that you’ll have to match up correctly. Call our media experts – we’re happy to help you find the right media for your printer and needs.